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A well designed logo doesn't just make you look good. When designed properly, your logo can help you connect with your customers and increase your revenue.

Using a collaborative process, we'll work together to create a unique, professional logo design for your business or project. At the end of the project, you'll have a logo that targets your ideal customers, helps differentiate you from your competitors and is built to last you into the future.

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Recent Logo Design Projects

Designing a logo for a local food delivery service

The Dinner Lady is a local food delivery service started by Paula in 2021. She provides fresh home-cooked meals for delivery at the weekends to her local area of Shotts, North Lanarkshire.

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Designing a logo for a social compliance auditor

Agency Compliance Solutions is a Social Compliance Auditing provider, founded in 2020. They help to ensure factories comply with labour laws, as well as provide consultancy services to employment agencies in the sector. The logo was designed for the future aspirations of ACS, allowing it to differentiate from not only individual consultants, but much larger companies in this sector.

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An updated logo and a poster design for a local nursery

Overtown Community Nursery and Toddlers is a local, independent nursery and toddlers group run as a charity. They needed a poster and flyer design to advertise for the 2020/21 school year. However, their logo was not in a suitable format for high quality printing, so as part of the project, I re-worked their logo and provided them with suitable files for use on social media, as well as for the print projects and any future uses they will have.

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I had absolutely no idea where to begin with Graphic Design... Dave explained the whole process and made it extremely easy to understand every step that was taken... I highly recommend Dave and will definitely be using his services again in the future!

Tom Shields
Agency Compliance Solutions

The Logo Design Process

Ever wondered what goes into creating a great logo?

My process for crafting a unique logo or brand identity can be broken down into these five important steps:

Step 1


I get to know all about your business. We’ll either have a chat, or you can complete a questionnaire. In order to help you, it’s crucial to understand your type of business as well as your goals, pain points, customers and competitors. This will allow me to create a great logo design that will meet your needs and last for a long time.

Step 2


First, I’ll look at the ways your type of business is represented visually. Next, I’ll look at what sorts of things your customers like and interact with on a daily basis. Finally, I’ll look at your direct competitors to help you be different from them. I’ll collate all the research into a ‘Stylescape’. This is collage of found images that represent the look and feel of what we’re trying to achieve. It ensures we’re on the same page and saves both of us time and money.

Step 3


Design starts with sketching out as many ideas as possible from keywords and ideas on the agreed Stylescape. I then evaluate these and select the strongest options for development. These are then iterated and tweaked until I feel that I’ve achieved what has been set out in the design brief. Finally I’ll prepare some examples of what the logo might look in appropriate real-world scenarios to so that you can see the benefits of the design.

Step 4


We’ll have a meeting either in person or by video-conference. First, we’ll remind ourselves about the original goals for the project. Then will I show you my proposed solution(s). I’ll explain the decisions I’ve taken in order to solve the problem. We’ll discuss your feedback in a constructive manner. If further refinement is needed, we’ll work through the problem together until we arrive at a solution that you’re delighted with.

Step 5


Once you’re happy that the design meets your goals, I’ll finalise the logo design. I’ll produce a comprehensive kit with various types of file formats. This will ensure you have everything you need to be able to use your shiny new logo in any scenario.

What's Included?

Your logo in all the formats you'll ever need!

As part of the logo design service, I provide a comprehensive kit of logo files containing various formats. Vector files use points and angles so are infinitely scalable without loss of quality. Raster images are based on pixels and are suited for online use.

CMYK version - full colour printing uses the 4 colours of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. You'll use this version when you need full colour printed media such as stationary, brochures, etc. Files supplied in vector formats.

RGB version - digital devices with screens use the 3 colours of Red, Green and Blue. You'll use this version in digital applications such as social media and your website. Supplied as Raster (JPEG & PNG), as well as Vector (SVG). Also included is a 'Favicon' - a 32x32px icon for use on web browser tabs.

Single colour Black version - A black version for use in black & white, or single colour documents or applications. Files supplied in Vector formats.

Single colour White version - You'll use this version when you want to show your logo on a dark background, or on top of a photo. Files supplied in Vector formats.

Pantone version - Pantone is the design industry standard colour matching system. Use this where you need single colour documents, pens or stationary where costs are limited or an exact colour match. Supplied as vector files.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?

It can vary from project to project, as it will depend on the details of the project and what additional deliverables we include (e.g. stationary, social media graphics). As a rough guide, the process for the logo design on it's own typically takes about 2 working weeks.

How many concepts will I see in the presentation?

Between 1 and 3 concepts will be shown during the presentation. In the design phase, the goal is to generate as many ideas as possible, and then narrow these down to the strongest concepts for further development and then presentation to you. It's important to have no more than 3 strong concepts shown to clients, in order to avoid confusion and overwhelm.

What if I need help using the logo after the project is completed?

As part of the standard logo deliverables, I provide a files list, which explains the different types of files included, and what they're commonly used for. In addition (at extra time & cost), we can include a brand style guide as part of the project, which would detail some more specific do's and don'ts of how to apply the logo for different use cases.

For more general queries, I'm always happy to answer any questions you might have and offer guidance via email, or on a phone call or video chat if it's needed.

Will my logo be completely custom to my business?

Yes. I provide a bespoke logo design service. We'll work through the process outlined above to tailor a design specific to your business, ensuring it appeals to your target audience/ideal customer.

Will I have ownership rights?

Yes. After the final payment is completed, the agreed deliverables are sent to you and full ownership rights are transferred.

When can we start?

Usually I have availability to start on a project within a week of the contract being signed. At busier periods this can be longer.

About Me

I'm a UK based logo and graphic designer. I live in Lanarkshire in the UK, but work with businesses worldwide to help them solve their problems using the power of great design.

After a 15 year career in IT, I started to learn Photoshop as a side project in order to improve processing of my family photos. The more I learned, the more I became interested in the many things the software could do, and the possibilities it offered. This led me to develop an interest in design and to want to pursue this as a career. Ever since I started, I have totally immersed myself in the world of graphic design, reading books, and taking many courses. I've gotten deeply involved in the design community, and have become friends with several industry experts.

Design is all about solving problems, not just making things look good. This is one of the aspects I love most about it. The knowledge and skills gained in my IT career translate well to solving problems using design.

I offer a fully bespoke logo design service to small businesses, consultants, freelancers, entrepreneurs and start-ups who need a new identity. I also provide a re-design service for businesses who have an existing identity which needs some attention in order to make it work better for them as their business grows.

I'm passionate about all things to do with logo design & branding, and am inspired by the work of awesome graphic designers of the past and present. These include the likes of Paul Rand, Michael Beirut, Aaron Draplin and David Airey, as well as legendary design agencies like Pentagram and Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv.

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Why work with me?

Unlike some logo designers, I take the time to understand your business, your story, goals, industry and target audience. The time taken to discuss these with you, as well as do my own research, enables me to provide a high quality professional logo design service that will provide you with a great result for a reasonable investment.

If required, I also offer additional design services to complement, extend and make use of your brand identity. These include business cards, stationary, flyers, posters and more, as well as social media graphics. Once the print design part of the project is complete, you'll receive print ready files to arrange printing by yourself. Alternatively, assistance with print suppliers can be provided if you'd prefer. I can also help if you need motion graphics such as logo animation or video titles/graphics.

Let's get started!

If you'd like to discuss a project, receive a quote, or have any questions, please click the button below to get in touch.