Designing a logo for a social compliance auditor

Agency Compliance Solutions is a Social Compliance Auditing provider, founded in 2020. They help to ensure factories comply with labour laws, as well as provide consultancy services to employment agencies in the sector. The logo was designed for the future aspirations of ACS, allowing it to differentiate from not only individual consultants, but much larger companies in this sector.

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Agency Compliance Solutions
Logo Design
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The client needed an identity to launch their new business.


I designed a logo, letterhead and email signature. This helped ACS to look professional as they entered their industry, and has resulted in initial success for the business, with multiple clients being taken on within the first few months after the design project was completed.


After many years experience as a social compliance auditor, Tom Sheilds decided it was time to start his own business. Having been furloughed during the UK-wide lockdown due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, Tom decided to used this time to get his new business going.

Tom had plans to grow the business beyond just himself in the future, so he knew he needed a great logo design that would make him look professional and align with his future business goals. However he didn't know where to start with design.

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The Discovery Session

Tom and I scheduled a phone call for a free discovery session. During this session, Tom told me that a lot of other independent consultants in his industry did not have any branding at all, so he wanted to stand out by getting a professional logo design and stationary.

During our discussion, Tom mentioned some key phrases that are part of the core values of his business - that he "works in partnership with clients to add value to their business" and his process "protects their business by identifying risks".

Tom emphasised that he wanted to portray a feeling of quality in his branding, citing brands such as Apple, Ralph Lauren and British Gas as examples of where he believes customers as happy to pay an higher price for a better quality product.

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Doing the research

I set to work on researching all the things we'd discussed. When creating a logo design, it's important to understand all about the specific industry, the competitors and most importantly the ideal customers of the business.

Tom and I had another call to discuss my findings, which I presented in the form of a Stylescape. I guided Tom through this curated selection of found images. Together, we decided on a clean and modern design direction.

Agency Compliance Solutions logo design project Stylescape
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Bringing it all together

After reviewing my notes from our conversations, I generated a list of key words to serve as a base of inspiration. From these keywords, I focused on two main concepts. The first was the joined letters of ACS, symbolising partnership, and the second was based around certification and a seal of approval.

For the colour palette, I used the earlier research regarding Tom's competitors to look for trends and themes, as well as oppertunities to differentiate. I settled on a red and dark grey colour scheme that is quite different from colours used by Tom's competitors, but still relevant to his industry.

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Final Design

During the logo presentation, Tom really fell in love with the joined letters concept. Together, we agreed that ultimately this would work best for his business, based not just on his own preferences, but those of his ideal clients and customers.

Tom was delighted with his new branding and has gone on to secure multiple clients during the first few months since we completed the branding project.

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