Designing a logo for a local food delivery service

The Dinner Lady is a local food delivery service started by Paula in 2021. She provides fresh home-cooked meals for delivery at the weekends to her local area of Shotts, North Lanarkshire. The logo was created to fit the aspirations of the business to appear professional and to have consistent branding across their social pages and packaging.

Client Name
The Dinner Lady
Logo Design

The client needed an identity to launch their new business, and present a professional appearance across their packaging labels and Facebook page.


I designed a logo to be used on The Dinner Lady's packaging and social media pages. This helped the business to present a professional appearance. Since the project completion, Paula has gone on to design her own menu using the assets I delivered and The Dinner Lady has been a great success having full pre-orders every week.


Paula has a passion for food and cooking. She decided she wanted to start her own home-cooked food delivery service at the weekends, along side her day job during the week. Her aim was to provide home-cooked food at a reasonable price to her local area of Shotts, North Lanarkshire.

After trialling her business for a few weekends to confirm it would be successful, Paula got in touch with me through my website to enquire about having a logo professionally designed for her new venture. Paula wanted to make sure she started off her new business looking professional.

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Discovery Session

Paula and I scheduled a video call for a free discovery session. During the session, I learned all about Paula's new business. She had identified a gap in the market in her local area as there were no real competitors for the type of food she would be offering.

During our chat, Paula told me she wanted to stay away from the typical stereotypes of school dinner ladies, and that she liked clean & modern styles of design.

The new logo would be used on Paula's Facebook page - her main source of advertising, as well as labels for her eco-friendly packaging.

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Doing the Research

After our discovery call, I did research on food industry logos, home cooking and Paula's potential customers that live in her area.

Paula had expressed a like for the colour purple in our chat, and after doing research, I agreed this would be a good avenue to pursue, as purple can evoke feelings of a premium service, and would stand out as it avoids the typical reds of food branding and greens of natural ingredients.

Paula and I had another video call to discuss my findings, which I presented in the form of a mood board. I guided Paula through the collection of curated found images, explaining the thought process behind selecting each one.

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The Design Process

Following on from the mood board presentation, I reviewed all the discussions and information gathered so far, and created a word map to help generate ideas. A word map is a useful word association exercise that helps to identify patterns and common themes, as well as think outside the box for inspiration to start the design.

I sketched out as many ideas as possible, before narrowing this down to focus on one idea to develop and refine to it's full potential.

The concept was born out of the client's requirement for labels for her packaging. As these are most often circular (along with her actual packaging), I pursued a badge style design. I incorporated modern and clean letters along with a knife and fork in order to balance the text. Wrapping this in a circle, which also represented a plate, finished off the design. The design was balanced and tested to ensure that it would look good at a large size, as well as very small as The Dinner Lady's social media profile icon.

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Final Design

Paula loved the logo concept when I presented it to her via a video call. We both agreed that this would work well for all of her current and possible future use cases for the logo.

I provided Paula with a 'Mini Brand Guide', which is a 1 page document that shows the typography and colours used in the design in order to help keep her visual branding consistent in the future.

Since the project completion, Paula has had great comments from her customers on her new branding. She has gone on to create her own menu using the assets I provided. The Dinner Lady is a success, as Paula's pre-orders are full every weekend.

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