Designing a logo for professional AV installers

oneAV are expert Audio Visual (AV) installers looking to update their visual identity in order to be perceived as more professional. Their target customers are IT managers who are looking to improve their large office’s networked audio visual capabilities. For this logo design, I developed the concept of turning the letters ‘AV’ from the selected typeface into a symbol.

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Establishing the details of the companny

First, I established the key details of the brief, considering which keywords the business would want its customers to associate with it. Because it’s important not to over complicate the number of ideas conveyed by a logo, I selected the 3 most important keywords to focus on.

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Keeping the customer in mind, I then used these 3 keywords as a base to search for visual references. These searches are crucial, as they influence the direction and visual language of the design.

Next, I created the stylescape, curating all the research together. The client must sign this off before any actual design work can begin. A stylescape is a high-fidelity, low-cost way of making sure that the designer and client agree on the direction of the project. This method of working saves the designer and the client both time and money.

Top 3 Attributes chosen: Cutting Edge, Sustainable, Clean.

OneAV logo design project Stylescape
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Next, I started sketching out ideas, using the stylescape for reference. The key idea I developed was to use the initials in the company’s name of AV (for Audio Visual) and make them into a symbol representing the concepts of changing channels/volume on a TV or a play icon.

After completing the sketching phase, it was time to construct the logo digitally. First, I scanned in my sketches. Next, I made a few of the concepts from the sketches digitally. I chose the AV/triangles concept as the strongest due to its scalability and legibility at any size.

For the colours, I used a gradient of the pink, purple and blue from the stylescape. This gradient is applied to the symbol at the same angles as found in the shapes. The gradient is also applied to the company name.

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To finish off the project for presentation, I created examples of possible real-world use of the logo. I created a simple set of stationery designed comprising of a business card, and complements slip. In addition I created a simple design of how the logo could be used on a company vehicle.

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