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Web Design Service

Every business should have a well designed website that helps customers to learn more about your business and encourages them to buy from you.

Using a collaborative process, we'll work together to create a beautiful, functional & responsive website that looks great and works well on all devices and screen sizes.

"Delighted with the service and the final designs!"

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Webflow is a no-code, or low-code solution allowing the rapid development of highly adaptable websites, meaning I can make creatively complex sites from scratch faster and more cheaply. The best thing of all, no updates, patches or hidden costs. Webflow has made it much more straightforward that some other platforms, so much so that I can train you and your team to manage, update and perhaps even build on top of your new website.

Web Design Services

Each web design and development project is unique. Depending on what you already have and what you need, I can help in a number of different ways.

Web Design Process

Ever wondered what goes into creating a beautiful, functional and high performing website?

Even though each project won't exactly like any other, my overall process of working with clients to build great websites can be broken down into these steps:

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Step 1


I get to know all about your business. We’ll either have a chat, or you can complete a questionnaire. In order to help you, it’s crucial to understand your type of business as well as your goals, pain points, customers and competitors. This will allow me to create a great looking, responsive website that will meet your needs and last for a long time.

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Step 2

Statement Of Work

Each engagement with myself includes a detailed statement of work which defines my services in detail. The statement of work will act as a formal agreement between myself and you, as my client.

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Step 3

Content Strategy & Information Architecture

We'll have a video meeting to discuss and collaborate on the content that will make up the website. We'll organise all the information and content into what will go on which pages and get agreement on the structure of the website.

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Step 4


During this step, we'll focus on establishing the layout of each page that we specified on the previous step. It's important to focus on the functionality of the website before proceeding the visuals, in order to provide a good user experience (UX) to the website's visitors. This will make sure they are able to achieve their goals when visiting the website and therefore are more likely to use your services.

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Step 5

Visual Design

Now that the structure of the pages has been approved, it's time to make the site look beautiful and create the visual design. This step is all about helping to create a memorable experience for the user by using colours, images and typography to evoke the right emotions. It's also important to make the design usable and accessible.

A UI screen showing a website in the Webflow designer
Step 6

Website Build

It's time to take the visual designs and build out each page. Once the structure of the pages is complete, all pages on the site will be tweaked and tuned so that they are responsive across all devices and screen sizes. After I've completed testing, you'll be sent a link where you can view the site for final approval.

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Step 7

Website Launch

The website is ready, so it's time to hand you the keys! During this final stage, we'll connect the website to your domain name, and make sure it's working correctly. I'll also provide you with some training on how to make simple edits to your website, such as changing headings, text or images or perhaps adding content such as projects or blog posts.

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About Me

I'm a UK based logo, web and graphic designer. I live in Lanarkshire in the UK, but work with businesses worldwide to help them solve their problems using the power of great design.

After a 15 year career in IT, whilst learning Photoshop as a side project in order to improve my family photos, I developed a passion for design. I'm fascinated by all things to do with logo design, branding, and web design, and am inspired by the work of awesome graphic designers of the past and present. These include the likes of Paul Rand, Aaron Draplin, James Martin and Michael Johnson, as well as legendary design agencies like Pentagram and Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv.

Design is all about solving problems, not just making things look good. This is one of the aspects I love most about it. The knowledge and skills gained in my IT career translate well to solving problems using design.

I offer a fully bespoke logo design service for small to businesses and sole traders who need a new or updated logo or brand identity. As part of my branding services, I can also design any marketing collateral you might require, either with new branding, or using your existing assets.

I offer web design services using the Webflow platform. I create beautiful, functional & responsive websites that look great and work well on all devices and screen sizes. If you need a custom designed website from scratch, to build out a finished design or migrate your existing site to Webflow, then I can help. I can also do updates or add new features to existing Webflow sites.

Why work with me?

Unlike some designers, I take the time to understand your business, your story, goals, industry and target audience. The time taken to discuss these with you, as well as do my own research, enables me to provide a high quality professional design service that will provide you with a great result for a reasonable investment.

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